Fashionclash Festival in Maastricht

More than 150 new fashion designers and artists from all over the world are joining the FashionClash Festival in Maastricht from the 29th of June until the 2nd of July 2017.

Four days full of fashion shows, exhibitions, awards, fashion talks, designer market, theatre and dance performances and a specially curated Fashion Makes Sense LAB.

FASHIONCLASH is an innovative, interdisciplinary development platform and international fashion network that focusses on supporting a new generation of designers and artists.
Main goals is to connect talent, knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship and to challenge the (fashion) world. Over the past ten years Fashionclash has grown from a single project into an influential fashion statement by developing and organizing projects such as the annual 'FashionClash Festival' in Maastricht.

It is the 9th edition and it is composed and curated around the theme ‘Fashion Makes Sense’.
Focusing on senses and making sense in relation to fashion. Our society approaches fashion and the world mainly as visual phenomena and the fashion industry faces heavy discussion for being the second most polluting industry in the world.
Fashionclash raises the question: (Why) Is Fashion Losing Sense?
We live in a rapidly changing world where progress is accompanied by environmental pollution and ethical issues. The fashion world is a mighty billion industry, and like no other is able to create an illusion and seduce us humans and excite our senses.

Today's fashion industry is a reflection of society with a strong focus on aesthetics. Today fashion is seen as a purely visual phenomenon and doesn’t always see the nature of the interaction with the body (of the wearer), despite the fact that fashion is the most intimate form of art, as it is literally worn “on the body”!
As a second skin, clothing also enables us to express ourselves and helps us make sense of the world.

How can we use fashion to truly connect with our body instead of being just a simple aesthetic of symbolic phenomenon?

How can we (re)connect with ourselves and the world through fashion?

How can fashion (designer & industry) nowadays truly connect with the body and human-being?

With 'Sense' FASHIONCLASH puts the focus on the senses and the sensory experience of fashion in a world that dominate the visual sensations.

With 'Fashion Makes Sense' Fashionclash wants to examine the relationship between fashion and the human body. Fashion as a means to connect yourself to the world and to enrich a bodily experience. The playful double meaning of 'Fashion Makes Sense’ also aims at stimulating designers, the industry and the public to think about the state of fashion industry. What is the importance and role of fashion in our society and how can fashion contribute to a better world and well-being?

Using the question “How Does Fashion Make Sense?”
FASHIONCLASH wants to engage in a dialogue with the public (consumer-designer-industry-education), because they believe that no change will be possible without interacting with the public.

FashionClash Festival Maastricht 2017
Fotografie: Lonneke van der Palen | Kostuum: Pleun van Dijk | Grafisch ontwerp: Studio Noto
Haar: KEVIN.MURPHY | Modellen: Mami Izumi, Florian Myjer

About FASHIONCLASH Festival 
FASHIONCLASH Festival (FCF) is an initiative of the FASHIONCLASH Foundation and its artistic and managing directors Branko Popovic, Laurens Hamacher and Nawie Kuiper. FCF is an inspiring, international and interdisciplinary fashion festival that takes place in Maastricht (the Netherlands), that shows the art of fashion in the broadest sense of the word. The festival aims to provide a fertile platform where a new generation of designers and artists from various disciplines get the opportunity to present their work to a broad and diverse audience, (inter)national press and industry leaders.

With themes, such as ‘Age/Art of Aging’ (FCF 2014), ‘Gender’ (FCF 2015), ‘Heritage’ (FCF 2016) and now ‘Fashion Makes Sense’ (FCF 2017).  FASHIONCLASH creates narratives that rise above the superficial definition of the word ‘Fashion’.

Since the first edition in 2009 more than 1,000 talents from 50 different countries and 6 continents have joined FASHIONCLASH Festival and were given the opportunity to show their talent and work. Some of their careers really took off from there!

For more information and the program visit FashionClash.
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