Creating Art with Photoshop by Violina Jeliazkova

Every photographer knows about Adobe Photoshop but not every photographer uses it to create art.

In the fashion industry it is very custom to retouch the skin of the models, sometimes using distortion and/or liquify to change the body of the model.

I had the pleasure to visit a two day masterclass Photoshop Art by Violina Jeliazkova at Calumet Photo in Rotterdam.
The first part was about learning how to look at photos. It is all about contrast, light, sharpness and colour.
The second part was all about the many techniques Photoshop is offering.

Studying this photo, I came up with this result. Scrolling down you will find the original and an Art Deco suggestion.

Ismini in The National Garden of Athens - Masterclass Photoshop Art by Violina Jeliazkova
The result
Starting with the photo I smoothened Ismini's skin. As her face was a bit lighter than her body I tried to darken her body part a bit. I removed the man in the background. And desaturated the background so the subject of my photo comes more to the front.
What do you think?

Ismini in the National Garden of Athens - portrait - original
The Original

Creating art in Adobe Photoshop
Art Deco Portrait
With Camera Raw I created with suggestions of Violina Jeliazkova this Art Deco Portrait.
Looking forward to your opinion!

Photo credits:
Photographer : Patricia Munster
Model: Ismini Papavlassopoulou
Make up: Yiannis Marketakis
Hair: Vassilis Diamantopoulos
Dress: Vassilis Zoulias
Hair accessory: Pericles Kondylatos

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