Creating a cinemagraph feat. Julia

Watching America's Next Top Model I was intrigued how to create a moving still, or better known as a cinemagraph. So I start studying it and here I share my first ever cinema graph. 
OK, it is not perfect but for a first try I like it. As I was with Julia in a studio for a fashion shoot I didn't consider well the light. As working with flash lights I didn't realise that for a film I had to but more light in it. But for me it was a challenge how to create the moving hair.

Cinemagraph by Patricia Munster feat. Julia
My first cinemagraph - just finding out how it works!

So I like to share with you how I created it.

  1. I filmed Julia for like 5 seconds, as the film was very dark I brightened it.
  2. Imported the film in Adobe Photoshop, created a still of the film
  3. Created a layer mask for her hair
  4. I exported the file as a gif and here is the result!
What do you think?

Model: Julia
MUA: Emmy Preemen
Styling: Kevin Kolo

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