The biggest power on earth: "The Power of Love"

"The power of love" is not only a song by Frankie goes to Hollywood but also a real tool to feel great about live. Caroline Rovithi learned about the power of love by her parents and gathered phrases of love in a small book to give it to all the people of the world to share and celebrate love. As visual artist she created with the phrases, the small poems and pieces of lyrics some powerful illustrations.

Today Caroline Rovithi invited some of her friends to read pieces from this love book at Eleftheroudakis at the Golden Hall in Marousi, a few days before Valentine...
Among them were Christina Pappa, Anita Nathanail, Serafeim Xouxoutas, Elina Kantza, Fofi Mastrokosta, Jo Togkou, Orthoula Papadakou, Eirini Papadopoulou and Ioanna Soulioti. But also the daughters of Anita, Cynthia and Theresa and Mada's. 
A part of the profits of this book will be donated to help Women in Need. The president of W.I.N. Hellas Foundation, Mada Tsagias Papadakou was also present, she contributed the following phrase to The Love Book: "In order to receive the love that we define as love, we have to believe we deserve it.".

Caroline Rovithi - Yiannis Skeparnias (Eleftheroudakis) - Mada Papadakou
In the book you will find phrases from William Shakespeare, Coco Chanel and from children starting with the age of only four years old but so catching "Love is what you makes you smile when you're tired".

And here Caroline's love of her life.

After the readings Caroline signed the books for each one with a warm message. 

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