Patricia Field in Athens

Today I had the pleasure to meet my namesake Patricia Field. She came to Athens to present the collection she designed for MCM in the flagstore at Xanthou 2, Kolonaki.

Patricia Field's backpack
Patricia is among fashion lovers a famous stylist, her fame came with "Sex and the city" by dressing Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie Bradshaw. Nowadays she has her own site and store selling all kind of fashion items but also working as guest designer for several companies, this season for MCM.

A merry lively lady, listening and responding to all the people who wanted to meet her. Everybody wanted to get a photo with her, from fashion bloggers, journalists, designers to people from the showbizz, all admirers of her.
The team of MCM and especially Zoi and Aliki Drakouli of Act & React, arranged that almost everyone had his or her own chat with this famous stylist.

Probably tomorrow you can get a good impression of the event because there were four teams of Star Channel, our favorite VJ of MTV, Alex Kavdas and a lot of fashion bloggers.

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  1. I'am a follower now .......finaly you beautiful photos have a home!!!!

  2. great work!!nice seeing you again!


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