Irotsuya by Hanna Siwecki at AIFW

The third graduate of Generation 12 is Hanna Siwecki, she presented during Amsterdam International Fashion Week her collection "network" as part of the Generation 12 fashion show.

Hanna Siwecki said on her collection: “The current generation has grown up with the internet, integrating it into their lives until their online profiles develop into something bigger than their actual selves. This is the basic idea behind the network collection: The clothes are oversized and describe a space that is bigger than a single person.  The image of a network is directly translated onto the print. Loose drapery symbolizes the casual, easygoing attitude of bloggers, while the Plexiglas fragments on several of my garments — which evolved from the network print — symbolize how we put the image we create of ourselves together in a very subjective way. This piece in particular represents the relationship between the person (body) and the reflection (blog/profile) of itself to its surroundings (the internet community).””
Irotsuya by Hanna Siwecki at AIFW Irotsuya by Hanna Siwecki at AIFW Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 9:59:00 AM Rating: 5

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