Magnus Dekker wins Frans Molenaar Award

Frans Molenaar is one of the 'oldest' well known dutch designers in The Netherlands, since 1996 every year he gives a prize to an upcoming talented couture designer of 10.000 euro but also during a year he supports this talent to get on the road of becoming a couture designer by telling stories about his own past but also advising about techniques and where to buy fabrics and accessories, like zippers, buttons and more.

For more information about this contest visit the website, only it is in dutch.

This year the award went to Magnus Dekker for his collection with a lot of colors and international flags for his workmanship and creativity, have a look at his designs:

Magnus Dekker wins Frans Molenaar Award Magnus Dekker wins Frans Molenaar Award Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 11:41:00 AM Rating: 5

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