FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN @ 19th Amsterdam Fashion Week

Yesterday at the second day of 19th Amsterdam Fashion Week fashion duo Fred Farrow and Britt Avelon Tan presented their S/S’14 collection ‘All you need are Fresh White Nickers and a Towel’
The again surprising collection is the paragon of spirit; the spirit of FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN.

The Concept
FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN stands for contact and connectedness. Everything about the collection and the brand is about feel and touch. The designers love to create colours, materials, shapes and garments, making their way of working a ritual act. Nothing goes to waste during the process of creation. Inner- and outer sides are knotted together to form an exciting whole, spattering with emotion. Inspired by the ritual life of the American Indians, they include all facets of natural and human life. From tree bark to tortoise shells and from the respectful life to gestures of gratitude. The small feeling and the large gesture, are as important as the large feeling and the small gesture. Nothing is emblematic, everything is spirit. And always the twist and the surprising combinations, or a suddenly appearing piece of lace, which makes the collection so typically FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN.

The collection
The fragile and the statement all overlap in shape, colour and material. The broderie anglaise sets are white on the skin. A grand gesture of jackets with coarse ropes or a vivid green colour rests on the shoulders. A woman wrapped in various garments by FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN is eccentric and nonchalant at the same time. When she walks, all layers are visible. When the rough outer side falls off, the powerful fragile side remains. Both the integer underwear sets and the casings provide for a fresh image.
The designers again discover the boundaries of the materials, by developing their own fabrics. Embroidered linen is cut open until broderie anglaise arises. Elastic between the cutaway parts makes the materials contemporary wearable. Twisted ropes are knotted together to form a fully fashioned garment. Dessins are realised by using the centuries-old marble technique for making book covers, as a reference to the many stories that have inspired the collection. Collecting the various elements is the unique way by which FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN creates illustration.

An experience
Everything about the brand FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN comes from the world of the designers. Their spoken and their design language are the same. The summer 2014-collection is a celebration of emerald green, hear yellow, rooster red, white on the skin, smokey black, lychee pink and turtle brown.
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