Armand Michiels @ 19th Amsterdam Fashion Week

Yesterday Armand Michiels presented his spring-summer 2014 collection of corsets at the 19th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Armand gives a modern interpretation to the centuries-old craftsmanship of making corsets and offers women an everyday masterpiece.

The corset by free choice
Armand is in love with Italy and the romance of all that’s feminine. His choice to study fashion design and make corsets at the Instituto di Moda Burgo, was a natural one. Craftsmanship runs through his veins. By sketching and moulding, he creates pieces that fit the female body like a sculpture. By designing the corset in various styles and for various moments of the day, Armand gives new life to this ancient garment.
On the catwalk he showed how a corset can be worn freely and casually.

Geisha meets Barok
Armand gets inspired by his surroundings and finds his materials strolling over markets and fairs. Every fabric or combination of fabrics gets its own character by the shape of the corset. The creation of a clothing piece is a precision work in itself, but Armand takes this precision to a next level in his first collection. Inspired by Japanese origami, his garments are given sculptural additions. The influence of Italian Baroque will always run through his corsets like a common denominator, but for now the Geisha intrigues him as well.

From Italy to the Netherlands By settling down in the Netherlands again, Armand sets his first steps on native soil with his collection of corsets. Since January this year, he has worked passionately on every garment. In the talent and innovation platform Fashion LAB, Amsterdam Fashion Week provides him with the opportunity to professionally present himself as a promising newcomer. In a short period of time and with his captivating personality, he has managed to create a team around his brand for photography, choreography and styling, allowing his creations to shine on the catwalk.

Photos courtesy of Amsterdam Fashion Week by Mike van der Ent
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