Introducing Petra de Jonge

Dutch fashion designer Petra de Jonge creates unique fashion business.

In the company and the fashion collection of Dutch fashion designer Petra de Jonge, with 20 years of experience in the European fashion industry come together. With her family business and brand, she creates a distinctive collection for which the production and sales are organised in a unique way.

In July 2013, Petra de Jonge launched the first collection that carries her name, in the showroom of the ‘Fédération Française du Prêt á Porter Féminine’ in Paris. Her special works are now also available in her home country the Netherlands: at Modefabriek (on 14 and 15 July in Amsterdam) and in the Donna Maria showroom in Zaltbommel.

After a career in Paris as a designer of renowned brands like Kenzo, Barbara Bui and Marithé & François Girbaud, Petra now sculpts her knowledge into inventive garments, which are created in her Amsterdam studio and produced in Italy and France.

Sharing her knowledge and respect for workmanship are important values of her company.
Besides her immediate family, her company is comprised of colleagues from the European fashion industry. By working closely together in the development of materials, techniques and models, strong relationships have been established over the years.
There is a widespread belief among the parties involved that the key to success for innovative brands lies within collaboration between European fashion companies and factories.

The entire presentation of the Petra de Jonge brand breaths the warmth associated with this close connection. The brand is positioned in the upper segment of the fashion market. Every item is unique, to be worn as relaxed evening gown or special day wear.

Buying a Petra de Jonge piece is like buying a treasure.

Brought up in the eastern part of the Netherlands, close to the geographical heart of the Dutch textile industry, Petra got in contact with fashion at an early age. Her mother taught her how to make her own clothing. Eccentric as she was, she turned her grandmother’s lace dresses into tight black dresses with a punk hairdo and she cut up cutting patterns to form self-conscious models, which she wore to parties every weekend.

Nature, architecture, texture and future…
The feminine line of Petra de Jonge is a collection of mainly stretch, highly wearable, technically refined dresses, leggings, knitted cardigans and tops.
The architectural construction of natural shapes is an on-going inspiration for the 3-dimensional approach of her designs and artworks such as prints, knit stiches and laser techniques.
Words like ‘sea creature’, ‘scarab’ and ‘fossil’ come to life in her creations. A rock and roll feeling captures the wearer once the garment envelops the body.
The summer 2014 collection by Petra de Jonge is an exotic journey to a beautiful island. Transparent- and stretch fabrics – both made with silk yarns – in combination with technical jerseys in which Italian cotton/viscose yarns are used, contribute to cool and airy pieces. The colours reflect life above and under water, from white and silver to clear sea green and deep blue.
The dessins are printed or lasered, inspired by shells, sand and flowing water.

Petra de Jonge presents her collection in the REFINED+ segment of Modefabriek, on the 15th and 16th of July in the RAI congress centre in Amsterdam.

It is Modefabriek’s mission to be an innovative and distinctive business-to-business fair for brands that stand out for their unicity, quality and continuity with a strong vision on fashion.
For Petra de Jonge, this is a perfect match.

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