Introducing Made of Carpet: The return of Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins' style has had a comeback in recent years, with her taste for Peter Pan collars and pussy bow blouses,
Now with Saving Mr Banks (out on DVD in April) re-awakening our love for this prim and elegant character, these captivating carpet bags from are set to enjoy their own fashion moment.

The idea of beautiful unique CARPET Bags has been inspired by the romantic Victorian Era and in some way influenced by such famous English literary characters as Mary Poppins and Miss Marple.

Although in America the words "carpet bag" have many more meanings apart from a fashion accessory – for example a history term for migrants of the Reconstruction era (1865-1877).

Made of carpet has closely examined all possible styles, shapes and patterns of CARPET Bags from fashionable and historical points of view and has discovered the best solution for the modern romantic and elegant lady with a passion for haute couture and vintage paraphernalia.

The bags are absolutely unique. Out there you can find "carpet" bags made of tapestry, kilim, fabric, velvet or velour... Some of them even have Oriental patterns, but none of them made of thick deep-piled woven rug.

Bags made from the finest quality rugs produced in Western Europe, that woven from unique synthetic yarn, patented by a rugs manufacturer. It is plushy, soft, light and silky, but deep-piled, quite thick and firm at the same time, that makes bags look and feel full bodied.

The chairman and founder of the company Made of Carpet has extensive experience in the production of fashion accessories and shoe manufacturing – he has been working in this industry since 1969.

Whilst the magic bag sported by P.L. Travers' original supernanny might have been bottomless; these spacious Gladstone bags made from luxurious deep pile carpet with a metal frame and genuine leather handle certainly bring back nanny fashion in the most delightful way.

The original carpet bag prop from the Mary Poppins film, recently sold for over £65,000 in an LA auction, however, the Made of Carpet® collection costs from £29.95 - £199.95. With a range of weekend bags, tote bags and clutch handbags giving a modern twist to this vintage style, there's a design for everyone.

Made of Carpet® bags come with two inside pockets; one zipped, and have a black, silky lining. Created from Western European woven carpet with traditional Oriental patterns, the finish is plush, soft and silky, with a deep pile that gives firmness and a full-bodied look and feel which is true to the high quality bags of the Victorian era. Durable, rainproof and easy to care for, the bags can be treated with ordinary foam carpet cleaner or dry-cleaned.

For more information, visit
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