A world of colours @ Benetton

Benetton introduces its colors for spring 2014, filling the closet with a wide range.

Spring, by its very nature, means renewal and revival after the cold winter days. And what could be better than color to express the desire to get out to the countryside, to rediscover the world around us and have some fun outside the four walls of the house?

Historically, the United Colors of Benetton was the starting point to fill our wardrobe with bright and vivid colors.
According to the philosophy of the brand, the must have for spring 2014 will be: jeggings in many different colors.
Rubber, cotton, skinny fit to emphasize the shape of the body in a variety of ultra-bright colors.

Pink, red, turquoise, lime green, mint, and white and blue. The youthful spirit and sense of  these pieces is an invitation to express your taste and personality through an entertaining styling.
The colored jeggings can be combined with knitted navy, 60's shirts or floral tops.
A world in colors that inspire positivity, love for life and dynamism with also a more romantic side. This is the young woman of United Colours of Benetton in all its aspects, which lives intensely, but looks to the future with the hope that many dreams will come true!

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