Introducing Zazzy 3D printed jewelry: Collaborate, customize and create

A few months ago I obtained my first bracelet out of a 3D printer, I was impressed about it and thought about the possibilities, allthough it was a plastic one.
Doing some research on it, I was amazed about 3D printing. At the moment universities and research centers all around the world are looking for solutions and opportunities even in the medical field, think of skin transplantation and more coming up.
3D printing is developing fast and will be everywhere very soon.

But let's get back to fashion, I was introduced to a jewelry company called Zazzy specialized in 3D printing but not with plastics but with gold-plated brass, bronze and stainless steel.

This jewelry company is a dutch startup, using precious and semi-precious metals to create jewelry which is, in essence, designed by the customer.

Zazzy allows the shopper to edit, remix and redesign their piece before ordering it in their choice of metals or colourful nylons. From there, the company 3D print it, hand-finish it and ship it to the customer.  Zazzy slogan is "You do the chic, we do the geek!"

By developing four different trend-led customizable collections and aiming many more to follow Zazzy is offering a very fashionable place to be but not only for you as customer .
The jewelry company has long term plans for bloggers and designers, to sell their designs and to collaborate and innovate with creatives from all walks of life

Merging tech with fashion, Zazzy is set to become a hub for creatives looking to make something beautiful, collaborative and unique. The antithesis to mass-market brands that have forgotten to value the individuality and imagination of the wearer, Zazzy is putting the power of design firmly back into the hands of the customer and the emotion back into jewelry. Fashion followers are some of the most creative people in the world, Zazzy wants to give them something to create.

The advantage of using 3D printers to produce customizable jewelry has been clear to Zazzy CEO Gert Jan Spriensma for the past decade. “3D printing deserves the excitement that surrounds it right now but I worry people will lose interest when they realise that the software is very difficult to use and that most of the home 3D printers print rather inelegant plastics. We hope that Zazzy will help people discover the beautiful end products that 3D printing can offer and the amazing uniqueness they themselves can instil in each piece. That we can print with the same precious and semi-precious metals used in traditional jewelry-making and create these easy-to-use programs makes these incredibly customizable collections possible.”

Each of the four current collections were designed with the distinct aim of offering the customer the chance to shape, develop and design their own jewelry; to feel a personal attachment to the pieces.

The Origami Collection encourages users to get back to basics and create stunningly minimalistic pendants made from nothing more than straight lines and angles. It’s geometry at it’s best.
Available in gold-plated, stainless steel, matte black steel and bronze. €39.95

The Honeycomb Collection allows customers create complex shapes by repeating a rather simple one. Numerous hexagons can be placed alongside one another to make the simplest or most intricate bracelets. Available in gold-plated, stainless steel, matte black steel, bronze and nylon.
Nylons come in pink, purple, blue, red and black. From €24.95

The Wordplay Collection invites customers to personalize their word bracelet by remixing the text and symbols and choosing the metals it will be printed in. A favourite among couples, new mums and literary word nerds, the bracelet is completed with a choice of coloured real leather cords. Available in gold-plated, stainless steel, matte black steel and bronze. From €19.95.

The Pic’n’Mix Collection encourages teens to create bracelets as unique as their friendships by choosing three icons, emoticons or letters (or any combination) to make up an unforgettable piece of jewelry. Available in metals and nylons, the fun and edgy Pic ’n’ Mix bracelets are ideal for sharing among besties. From €12.50.

For more information and creating your own design visit

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  2. I’m also a 3D printing jewellery maker, my earrings and necklaces are typically made from these nylon and Taulman t-glase, but I just found out that plastic ABS filament is also an excellent material. I personally design and moulded every details. In fact, I reinvented our lost wedding ring through 3D printing.


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