Photography Workshop by Vangelis Rassias in Athens

Vangelis Rassias is organizing 2 photography workshops in his studio in Athens, Greece.

Vangelis Rassias in front of one of his amazing photos and next to him his muse Athina Pappa

The first time I met Vangelis Rassias was during Athens Fashion Week, he was the 'house photographer' for Diners Athens Collections In Style in 2007 - Hellenic Fashion Week sponsored by Canon and I was impressed by his creative and high quality photos of the catwalk.

It was one of the amazing events back then in Athens, before any economic difficulties, with countless sponsors and a wonderful place for the fashion week, at Zappeio, in the center of Athens.
It was also for the first time I met Diane Pernet...of a Shaded View on Fashion. At Zappeio an international crowd gathered to see greek fashion.

But back to Vangelis Rassias.
Vangelis Rassias is working as professional photographer in Greece and France for 30 years.
He studied in Paris and Nice, France, majored in photoreportage ( social and travel ) and studio ( portrait, fashion and nude ).

For 14 years he was the official photographer of the International Thessaloniki Film Festival and for 16 years at the International Cannes Film Festival.
He collaborated with most Greek magazines and newspapers. And did several exhibitions, see here my review on his lighthouses exhibition.

Now Vangelis Rassias " teaches " the art of photography in 2 two-day workshops in Athens .

On the 8th and 9th of March from amateur to professional, it is for beginners of all ages who
want to learn the fundamentals of photographic art .
About the theory of photography, about the digital camera and lenses, about photo reportage and studio photography and in the studio of Vangelis you can take your first studio photo!

On the 15th and 16th of March it is about the secrets of photoreportage and studio, about portraits and fashion.
This workshop is aimed at more or less experienced photographers and particularly to those interested in the art and secrets of photography in the studio and photoreportage. The workshop can be attended by those who have completed the first course.
Selected participants will have the opportunity to do a reportage with Vangelis Rassias for the newspaper Parapolitika or Crash magazine where he works

Hurry up to get your seat because there is only place for 20 participants.

For more information please contact Studio Rassias

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