AM \ WESTEN Spring-Summer 2016 @ MBFWA

Annemarie Westen debuted at the 23rd Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam with her womenswear label AM \ WESTEN as part of Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB.

Both the show as the new collection showed surprising elements within a world of contrasts.
"We have consciously chosen for a classic, minimalist show to create a certain feeling," says Annemarie West - designer of the label.
"In our designs we play with contrasts of hard lines in combination with smooth materials."

It was the first time that AM \ WESTEN showed a collection during the fashion week.
"The show at Fashion Week was a special recognition in our efforts to establish ourselves as a fashion label. Not only for ourselves but also towards our retailers and customers. We are very grateful. "

The AM \ WESTEN Spring-Summer 2016 collection offers a new perspective on the previous four collections of the label. For the collection, the designer has the dutch summer kept in mind.
The collection is characterized by long silhouettes and the use of leather and silk combined with beautiful, quality viscoses. In the collection are also shades visible - in addition to the characteristic black with a touch of white elements. The specific language of AMWESTEN hereby remains intact flawlessly: a timeless collection that accentuates the power and elegance of the female body.

Annemarie Westen is the designer behind ready-to-wear label AM \ WESTEN. In a world where the cycle of confection is getting shorter, Annemarie Westen harks back to craftsmanship in the design process. In this process, the label with subtle changes in the standards we are used to. AM \ WESTEN is characterized by simplistic design, a sophisticated portability and exciting contrasts between powerful silhouettes combined with pure materials like silk, cashmere and wool.

About Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB
Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB’ inspires visitors with upcoming talent and their interpretation of fashion collections, -textiles and -presentations. Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB is a breeding ground where promising designers freely express their creativity.
In the Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB young designers have the freedom to experiment with textiles, the collection composition and the way of presenting. For them, Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB is a chance to shine on a professional catwalk in front of a national and international audience. The shows offer visitors (on location and via live streaming) an insight into opportunities that are out there in the fashion and creative industries, for those who dare to think beyond the beaten track.
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