Day 3 @ MBFWA: A Fashion Concert with Alexandra Frida

On the third day of Zalando presents 10 Days Downtown ALEXANDRA FRIDA presented her FRIDA'S Origins collection during a 'Fashion Concert' in the impressive Koepelkerk in Amsterdam.

Her collection is based on a digital feather print.  Alexandra found her inspiration in a photograph of microscopic moth wings. This image represented her unconditional love and forever curiosity of the creation of every form of nature and wanted to reflect that feeling in her creations. And it is than that started the tale of the feather.

The tale of the feather is the foundation of FRIDA’s identity and for as long as she remembers carried the photograph around with her and finally became reality during her studies where she started to explore the possibilities of transforming this image into a textile. From cutting a thousand feathers, dying them one by one in different dye baths to the creation of a digital print, searching for the perfect intermission between each form, material and colour.

The feather print has become Alexandra’s biggest fascination, it has become an iconic part of Alexandra’s work. She created a separate line called FRIDA’s Origins after first introducing the print in her Frederika collection. Within this line she continues reinvents these feathers using different techniques and is constantly searching for a new resurrection of the previous phase.

FRIDA’s Origins includes all the basic which find their way into each ready-to-wear collection such as her leather items but its main focus stays on the feather. This never-ending story will continue to play a crucial role in her career and the tale will be continued, like the Phoenix, always resurrecting and as we speak being recreated again…

Yesterday at the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam Alexandra Frida presented her collection and combined music and dance with her passion for fashion while taking the public a night out during 'Fashion Concert'.
With stylist Beatrice Jolly and the electronic indie band CHEATERS and NEO NAIL TECH, a unique fashion party emerged.
The creative team also showed this new videoclip they produced together for the first time.

About Alexandra Frida
Alexandra’s life story is coloured by two important influences: her grandmother and the planet. Alexandra was born as Alexandra Vollebregt in the Netherlands in 1985. Her creative journey begins at a young age with the loving encouragement of her grandmother to explore her creativity. It was in the safe haven of her grandmother’s house where Alexandra found herself immersed in her own creations. These formed the first steps into creating ALEXANDRA FRIDA.
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Read the entire story about the dutch designer on her website.

Photos courtesy of FashionWeek Nederland.

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