Taxibeat meets Sun of a Beach Towels: Beach please!

Sun of a Beach & Taxibeat brings summer to Athens with free towels.

On Friday, July 17th, a great Sun of a Beach gift comes to hundred lucky persons with the touch of a button.
The gift exists of a luxury beach towel from the collection of Sun of a Beach, inspired by the most beautiful beaches. And the winners, besides the beach towel will receive together "Sun of a Beach" cartes postales and a large bag, well-designed and practical, suitable for the beach.

Beach towels of the Sun of a Beach in Greece are made of 100% cotton combined with colorful printed cotton fabrics. This series of premium beach towels are designed by Elli Rountou and Melina Pispa.

Each collection is inspired by the most beautiful beaches in the world - from the austere beauty of the Cyclades until glamour of Capri, the intensity of Rio, and the waves of California. Each towel is made of pure cotton, which are lightweight, absorbent, very soft and durable.

But how does it work tomorrow:

The Sun of a Beach towels will come to the city center on Friday, July 17 from 12 o'clock at noon and for a limited time.

One hundred winners will acquire them for free.

What must you do to become one yours:

  1. Open Taxibeat app and look for your own Sun of a Beach towel, pressing the "Beach, Please!" It will appear top right on your screen.
  2. Search for an available vehicle near you. Once the driver accepts your call, you see him approaching.
  3. When you reach your destination you will collect your Sun of a Beach towel.

The action will last until stocks are exhausted. The demand is great, so if you do not find immediately an available driver, try again!

Beach please!
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