SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers goes space travelling @ MBFWA

Yesterday evening at the 23rd Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam the twin sisters Truus and Riet Spijkers presented their spring-summer 2016 collection to the press and fashion audience.

The newest collection is called 'LOVE', referring to a quote by Dr. Reeves in the film "A Matter of Life and Death"

"... Nothing is stronger than the laws of the Universe, but on Earth, nothing is stronger than LOVE. "

The collection takes you into a spaceship traveling through the universe. The idea that love is stronger than the laws of the universe is beautiful and inspiring. The rockets in this collection have the shape of Cupid's arrows and shoot in the universe around with love .... LOVE.
With this collection, the designers want to say that love and passion give direction.

Margaret Hamilton, scientist and the muse for this collection wrote the software for the on-board computer of the Apollo 11, in which in 1969 the first man landed on the Moon. Thanks to the existing of software programs many successful space voyages made important discoveries.
The Dutch space traveler Dr. Ockels told the twins that if you ever travel in space, you ascertain how incredibly beautiful planet earth is.

Recognizable for Spijkers en Spijkers are the bright graphic lines and the extraordinary use of color. In the collection they used several cheerful prints of arrow-shaped missiles but also more figurative prints of planets and galaxies.
Cupid's Arrow comes in different ways in the collection, as well as in printing as in ausbrenner fabric and as a graphic pattern in dresses and skirts.
An abstract rocket-shaped runs like a 'red' line through this collection. Besides the airy dresses in color block and striped patterns, Spijkers en Spijkers also use for a sportive image the ultra-light neoprene fabric for summer of 2016.

To top it all off, the models wear envelope bags in the form of a love letter. Spijkers en Spijkers closes her show with transparent A-line dresses in different tones showing a graphic pattern of stylized arrow-shaped missiles and jobs.

A glimpse of the show

About Spijkers en Spijkers
The Arnhem twin sisters Truus and Riet started in 2000 with the brand Spijkers en Spijkers. Both sisters graduated at Artez (Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem), after they followed a master's degree in 2000 at the Fashion Institute Arnhem.
In 2010 they started with SIS, to carry out their vision further and more accessible to a wide audience.
The duo received several awards and prizes for their designs and were awarded the Prince Bernhard Culture Prize Fashion Scholarship in 2013.

"To the mind that's still, the whole universe surrenders. "-Lao Tzu

Source: Press release, Photo credits Team Peter Stigter
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