Winter Styling by Fran & Lili

Fran & Lili welcome this winter and have selected for you all those pieces that you should have.

Earthy colors and patterns for dresses, color explosion on coats, clean lines in blouses, lace and velvet, and an exciting collaboration with Milkwhite completes the puzzle for winter at Fran & Lili.

In their e-boutique they welcome you once again, providing greek emerging designers and some foreign brands such as Dahlia, Kling, Sister Jane, Clic Jewels, Magnit and Erato Kouloubi creating a versatile collection of more than 60 pieces of clothing and accessories that can be worn from morning till night.

The collection complements with 9 Milkwhite items, reinforcing in the best possible way the particular style of clothing proposed by the boutique.

This year winter came for good in our lives, leaving behind the carefree days of summer, but carrying with it a unique style. Who doesn't love warm sweaters, gorgeous coats or fake-fur details?
Fran & Lili are well aware of the "weaknesses" of every woman and invites you to discover her beautiful, stylish side of winter.

Here a glimpse of their collection.

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