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Last week I wrote for the first time about Me & My Fablab, today I learned about 3D printing by creating my own key ring.

First I had to create a 3 design for my key ring. I used the program Tinkercad.
Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-learn online app anyone can use to create and print 3D models.

Important for me was to learn that you need a base to create, you can't print in the air! So the use of the ruler is unmissable. The program is easy to learn but there are so many possibilities you need some time to get to know it.

As for today my goal was to create a key ring, I finished it within an hour. So by using TinkerCad you can try yourself and see it isn't that hard for a simple design!

My design is ready for the 3D printer. You can see and download my design on TinkerCad. Click on the 3D button and you can turn around to see my design from all sides.

I moved my design to the printing program and this program checked and divided the key ring in layers.

Now it is ready for my first 3D printing: the printer get warmed up and

let the printing begin!

And after 15 minutes the result! (The video is only 2 minutes)

Like to learn this too? Come and join me at FabLab Zoetermeer.

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