Me & My FabLab: Laser Engraved Marshmallows

Today at FabLab Zoetermeer a new challenge was offered to me, writing names on marshmallows.

First I had to make a template for the marshmallows in CoralDraw, by measuring the marshmallow and using these measurements in Coral Draw. Followed by adding names.
As we needed a lot of marshmallows with names on it, I put them all together in the machine so it could laser them all together!
The challenge is also to find marshmallows that are around the same height.

Than I choose the printing device, a laser engraving machine. This machine will heat the sugar on the marshmallow in order to melt the sugar.
First step on the machine is the cleaning, as you want to eat the marshmallows!
Second is to install the heigth of the marshmallow, as it is of soft material you can't use autofocus, so you need to use the manual focus.

And the third step is founding out in which density you should install the laser. By starting with low pressure and high speed.  Followed by more pressure and less speed you get the perfect result. As for each machine and marshmallow it is different so you have to find out yourself!

Can you imagine the smell it created, it was like working in a pastry shop!

The result was amazing: a perfect treat for birthday parties but also for other gatherings like launching a new magazine or brand!

My next challenge for the laser engraving machine will be using this technique on fabrics! So keep following me in my learning process.

You are also welcome at FabLab Zoetermeer or find a FabLab in your neighbourhood!

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