Me & My FabLab: 3D printing Photo Frame Holder

My quest in the fablab continues. Today my challenge was to create a photo frame holder for a printed photo on plexiglas.

First I was looking for inspiration and decided that our love for cats could by used for it, as the photo frame holder is going to be designed for a special place.

So I searched for a 3D printed cat on Tinkercad and used it in my design.

Followed by how to make my photo frame holder, I choose to make an angle of 11 degrees, so the photo will have a slight angle.

I copied the cats, two I mirrored so they look to the other site and put them 'in' the holder.

Followed by grouping them and the result in Tinkercad likes this:

Now my design is ready for the 3D printer:

And the result is:

More photos coming up next week, when the photo on the plexiglas is ready to put in the photo frame holder! You can download the design on Tinkercad.

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