Edwin Oudshoorn @ Amsterdam Fashion Week

Edwin Oudshoorn charmed his audience again. This time his all white collection was presented on mannequins instead of models.

The trafo house at the Amsterdam Fashion Week was turned into a romantic location. With a glass of sparkling wine and in candlelight we had a closer look at his new bridal collection.

Each piece was a joy for the eye, and I could stand hours there to adore them. Such craftsmanship, so many details, applications, embroderie and more. So enjoy scrolling down to see all my photos!

A lot of people enjoyed the collection and Edwin Oudshoorn was photographed a lot!

Edwin Oudshoorn next to one of his designs

And when you aren't married yet, get inspired!

It was a great experience and I liked that I could have a closer look at the designs. But I hope next time the dutch designer will put a magical show again like the one I visited in 2012!

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