Amsterdam Fashion Week: a recap of day 4

Goldwell & KMS opened the last day of Amsterdam Fashion Week with an impressive hair fashion show. With colouring, special haircuts and impressive hairstyling.

Jay Mahmood in action

SUE presented her fashion on wheels and more! Sending us the message "Broken crayons still color".

RE by RECONSTRUCT is a collective from Rotterdam of six designers: Laura Aanen, Zara Asmail, Alyssa Groeneveld, Kim Kivits, Michelle Lievaart and Sanne Verkleij. Reconstructing the vision on clothing...

Sunanda Chandry Koning didn't show her collection, but made a statement: Love, care and world peace.
A great dancer in different layers of pink and two models, one in black and one in white.

That was all. ?

Almost as on the layers different QR codes appeared, triggering us what the meaning will be.

Edwin Oudshoorn presented his bridal wear collection. Showing his workmanship as we could walk around the models. More in a following post!

And Liselore Frowijn closed the fashion week with her collection #TheNewCluster. See now buy now!

Liselore Frowijn
More coming up!
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