Drezzunique: Be noticed!

A new year with new opportunities. So let us have a closer look at our wardrobe and maybe it is time to refresh it! Let us remember that communication is all about expression and impression. Research shows that only 7% of communication is through words. So how you look is part of your communication too!

Friday I enjoyed meeting an upcoming dutch designer Karina Klaassen. Knowing that nonverbal communication is very important she wants to support women to be more successful by enforce their confidence.

She recently launched her new label Drezzunique. Especially for businesswomen who want to impress and to be noticed! But actually for every women who wants to feel feminine and elegant.
By using high quality materials and distinctive patterns she created unique dresses making you feel comfortable and confident.
So if you want to be noticed, have a look at her collection Drezzunique!

About the designer Karina Klaassen

Inspired by architecture, fabrics and other designers such as Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz, Donna Karan she launched her first collection for winter 2016/2017.

Karina Klaassen worked in corporate businesses in marketing and procurement and during spare time she took fashion related courses.
In 2003 she  studied Design Studies at the University of the Arts London.  Through her internship at Stella McCartney she got a look into the high end fashion world.  During her final year she focused on the relationship between clothes and self-esteem and in 2007 she graduated with first class honours.

Upon return in the Netherlands she picked up her career in business again.  But with her passion for fashion she continued designing her own clothes and often people noticed her and made compliments and asked her if and where they could buy these clothes.
This motivated her to pursue her dream and to launch Drezzunique, an exclusive Dutch Design brand with distinctive details that allows (business) women to differentiate themselves and to make a successful impression.

For more information visit Drezzunique!

Photos & Text about the designer courtesy of Drezzunique. Photos by Gilian van Twist.
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