Amsterdam Fashion Week: a glimpse of Day 2

A quick small photo impression of the second day of the 26th Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. Scroll down and enjoy the first glimpse of an inspiring day at the fashion week.

Saskia ter Welle opened the second day of Amsterdam Fashion Week with a show full of contradictions for bold women.

A fashion collaboration between Disney's Beauty & The Beast and six dutch designers was next on the program. Who doesn't like the Disney princesses! It was with fashion talks and the presentation of the designs of Boaz van Doornik, Jazz Chris, Liesbeth Sterkenburg, Elke van Zuylen, Marlou Breuls and Zyanya Keizer.

Designer duo Ajbilou Rosdorff presented a colourful collection.

Artiitude presented a tough show with scary masks and a lot of hand painted leather jackets.

With Said Mahrouf is was all romance in front of a golden curtain.

Designer duo Schepers Bosman presented women and menswear in their recognisable style.

Alexandra Frida collaborated with Eye Wish opticiens and I loved the black pleated ensembles! As promised more in a following post.

Trinbecx opened the show with a green suit on a colourful catwalk.

And Tess van Zalinge made us proud to be dutch with royal blue and white outfits inspired by Royal Delft. Even using the famous painting "Girl with a pearl earring" by Vermeer. All reminding us of the delicate Delft porcelain.

More coming up!
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