4FashionShake - II

On the 9th of November at the Michael Kakoyiannis Foundation OZON magazine organized for the second time a fashion event.
Four designers and a label had the possibility to present their collections in an innovative way. But also the photographer Matthieu Lavanchy, the writer Ted Polhemus and the band Joalz were invited to make the event to a success.
The aim of OZON magazine is to promote new talents, to connect fashion with art, creating creative links between art and fashion.

Ted Polhemus, writer of 'Street Style', did the opening of the event,  by telling about 'the body'. How do we see the body, how we make the body in something that is not, about designers projecting their ideas, about street style as experiment and about fashion...
Tina Sardelas produced a film with outfits of fashion designer Christos Costarellos,  followed by the film for the label Digitaria produced by Pantelis Makkas. 

Eugenie Schmidt and Mariko Takahashi brought a fresh idea to Athens, reanimation of garments.
The collection showed, is part of their project 'Reanimation' for Schmidttakahashi in collaboration with the Technology Institute HTW.
This two young designers were watching the huge amounts of cloths going for waste due to a rapidly changing fashion industry. They wanted to give these clothes a second life. People can donate their garment to schmidttakahashi. Their garment gets an ID, is being photographed, cleaned, ironed, altered and transformed into a new garment. The new garment will have a microchip with all the information about fabric, treatment and former use. 
In this way project schmidttakahashi gives an answer to the growing pile of clothes by creating unique garments, with a history and a future (source: http://www.schmidttakahashi.de/)
The german designers showed their collection SS2011 'My brothers and sisters' not as catwalk but as a theatrical setting.  

Also Romina Karamanea, a London based greek designer, showed her collection in theatrical setting.
Seeing last season her show at the Athens Exclusive Designers Week with only black I didn't expect her summer collection SS2011 to be with interesting details and colours inspired on nature. Already looking forward to her next collection...

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