City Fashion & Fusion

In the center of Athens last Thursday was the opening of the exhibition City Fashion & Fusion.
Thirty five artists and fashion designers took part of it with their work of art. Using fabric, paper, leather, plastic and recycle materials to express themselves.
Iris Kritikou, as curator, achieved an interesting exhibition.

 Nikos Floros with his Maria Callas jacket, mainly made of aluminium.
 Dimitris Dassios with Noemvris, made of fabric, papier mache and metal.
 Pericles Kondylatos and Vassilis Zoulias with Old Athens meets the freak show, made of canvas.
Iris Kritikou next to fashion designer Vasso Consola and her design E-motion, made of silk organza.
Lakis Gavalas next to fashion designer Daphne Valente and her Breastplate Sur Mesure made of different haute couture materials.
Dimitris Alexakis and Grigoris Triantafyllou of Deux Hommes presenting their work of art, made of brocade.
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