Feeling Human's Love yourself fashion show by July Two

The Feeling Human team presented their 7th event for 2010. A fashion show by JULYTWO with the aim to raise awareness about the problem of eating disorders and promote the work of ANASA (an association that supports people with eating disorders in Greece).
It is strongly assumed that the fashion industry has a superficial idea of beauty and what is considered to be perfect. Now more than ever fashion icons have become role-models for the youth. The point is to show that real beauty is being healthy and to discourage the idea that thin is beautiful.

The event started with a video presentation created by Olga Tzimou and performed by Zeta Douka portraying the real emotions connected with eating disorders and to prove that this battle can be won. Have a look for the video at http://vimeo.com/16827057
(Andreas Stigas, Heather Nomi Tshuma and Olga Tzimou)
During the fashion show AVITH provided live music.

Ioanna Christidou and Konstantinos Stefanou for JULYTWO presented their spring/summer collection 2011 with professional models like Andreani Tsafou and Evelina Kazantzoglou but also with general women, all with the correct BMI (body mass index). A collection with bright colours, geometric prints and challenging patterns. Also they showed romantic wedding dresses and finishing with the designs for the Feeling Human project.

To underline the effort against eating disorders during the event you could eat some nice sweets...! Donna Chalas of Donna's Bridal Sweets made and offered these cupcakes and we could feast again!

Yvonne Ivana Bosjnak and Heather Nomi Tshuma as the founders of Feeling Human and the organisators of the event made this evening to a success and I am looking forward to their next event.
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