Celebrating 140 years Shiseido at The Golden Hall

This year Shiseido celebrates its 140 years anniversary. Shiseido is considered to be one of the oldest skin care companies in the world.
The Golden Hall in Marousi, a suburb of Athens, hosts until tomorrow the 14th of April an exhibition on Shiseido's celebration with interesting paintings.

Since its foundation in 1872, when it opened Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Shiseido has developed into a company that currently operates in 87 countries and regions worldwide, and is undertaking various initiatives in order to become a “global player representing Asia with its origins in Japan.”

The name Shiseido was taken from the verse of a classical Chinese text, “I Ching (Book of Changes),” which reads, “Praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth new values.”
When deriving the company name from this poem, Arinobu Fukuhara, the founder of Shiseido, must have been determined for the founding spirit to identify new values, create many new things one after another from such values, and contribute to society.
In other words, the company name itself declares “new value creation.” (Source: Press release)

Here a glimpse of this exhibition.
Costume for Miss Shiseido (1934)


Arinobu Fukuhara, the founder

During the exhibition you can have a treatment! (By appointment)
And don't miss the short film on Shiseido's history.
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