Boney M at Studio 54

Last night at Studio 54 in Athens Boney M gave a live performance with legendary Sheyla Bonnick, one of the founding members of Boney M in 1975.

The Boney M tale is most definitely an interesting one. Founded by German music producer Frank Farian, the disco group was created to ‘front’ the single Do You Wanna Bump, which was actually recorded by Farian himself.

After almost a decade of fame, and hits including Rasputin, Mary’s Boy Child, Daddy Cool and The Rivers of Babylon the group disbanded and members went on to form their own tribute versions of the band.

Sheyla Bonnick performed with her tribute band in Studio 54 Athens, a discotheque based on the popular and world renowned Studio 54, the most famous nightclub of all time in Manhattan, New York. Here my photo review.

Markan Martin as the well known Bobby Farrell

Sheyla Bonnick Tribute Band Boney M with Frank Farian
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  1. Sheyla Bonnick was not a founding member in 1975 but was hired to pose for some press photos along with her friend Maizie Williams (who became a Boney M original member) since a Frank Farian, to that time a internationally unknown producer scored a minor hit in the Netherlands. Although of having the chance to become a permanent member of Boney M, Sheyla did not believe in the project and left the situation. So therefore she also was never involved in recording material with Boney M. neither had she anything to do with recruiting the other members for Boney M. She surely wishes up to this day that she would have had made the right decision back then...


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