Anky van Grunsven for 7th time at Olympic Games and fashion designer

Today Anky van Grunsven started at her qualification for the dressage (equestrian), it is her seventh time she participates at the Olympic Games and winner of 3 Golden Medals in Sydney (2000), Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008) for her individual dressage! Wishing her all the best for London 2012!
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Anky started at the age of six with her first pony, a Shetland pony named "Heleentje". Only after
graduating from high school she decided to start riding professionally.

In 1998 Anky van Grunsven launched ANKY® Technical Casuals. Triple Olympic Champion Anky van Grunsven was convinced that there was a huge need for a fashionable line of clothing and related
products, which combines technical materials with optimal comfort, quality and usability.

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ATC® offers the perfect balance between comfort and design. Anky van Grunsven is really devoted to composing, designing and testing the collections. All ATC® articles are manufactured with high-tech materials with specific technical functionalities and properties which makes them suitable for many different sporting activities.
When Anky first created this line her goal was to produce a range of clothing for sporting amateurs and professionals. Clothes that help them perform at their best in all weather conditions, whilst remaining comfortable and fashionable. After the introduction in 1998, ATC® established themselves as a well-known brand in the equestrian world.
ATC® cooperates closely with leading suppliers of high- tech materials to ensure access to the latest developments in high- tech material innovations. Our technologies have been tested in a variety of highly respected laboratories and practical wear trails. The result has been nothing less than excellent.

The ATC® team keeps a close eye on European fashion, to incorporate the latest trends in design and
colour into the collections. That makes the ATC® range ideal for the fashion conscious sportsperson!
ATC® is sold by approximately 300 retailers, spread worldwide over more than 30 countries. ATC® is available in e.g. Europe, Canada, Japan, China, Australia and the United States. Local distributors
organize sales and distribution of ANKY® Technical Casuals.
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