Me & My Moschino

This weekend Museum of Bags & Purses in Amsterdam celebrated its 20th anniversary. For this celebration the museum invited Lisa Maria Rutten to create fashion illustrations of the bags and people. Lisa Maria is better known as Maria-Lies, visual artist!

Lisa Maria selected for me the gateau bag of Moschino, I was very lucky as it's all about chocolate, cake and celebrations! The bag is also called Moschino Fudge!

So here is my drawing by Maria-Lies!

Tassenmuseum 20 jaar
Maria-Lies Fashion Illustration of me and my Moschino!

Fotograaf Zoetermeer Patricia Munster
So she started my fashion illustration

Gateau bag by Moschino
The original bag on display in the Museum of Bags & Purses

My fashion illustration with the Moschino handbag

Museum of bags and purses
Maria-Lies in action for Museum of Bags and Purses

Lisa Maria Rutten
Paul's Boutique handbag in drawing

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