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Greek accessories designers participated during the 19th Athens Xclusive Designers Week, in the platform of Xclusive Elements at Ethniki Asfalistiki Conference Center.

Fashion is not just about clothes. Accessories are playing a major role! Therefore the fashion week of Athens, Athens Xclusive Designers Week welcomed for one more season Greek accessories designers in the platform of Xclusive Elements. AXDW offered an opportunity to express talent: handmade jewelries, sandals and handbags, towels and unique accessories, were some of the treasures that the guests discovered!

The goal of AXDW is the platform that has been created for the Greek fashion designers, to be available to the creators of fashion accessories so as to be connected with media and the buyers, in and out of Greece. And guests had the opportunity to buy the precious designs!

Participating designers were:

7pm by marina panagiotoulia: Marina Panagiotoulia inspired by human relationships, nature, human body and also the geometric cityscape, creates impressive jewelries combining childhood, femininity and elegance. After several experiments with different materials, she was impressed by the warmth, the feeling and the numerous skin color combinations of leather.

Xclusive Elements



Art2wear - Rachil Andreadou Handmade with Buttons: With years of presence in the clothing field, Rachil Andreadou designs and manufactures jewelries with buttons all by herself. She prefers natural materials, she loves the bright colors, the frills, the ropes, the papers, matts and polka dots.

Rachil Andreadou

Photographer Patricia Munster

Photo: Patricia Munster

Dristela Handmade Creations: Sofia Dristela in 2005 started her carrier in TV as a stylist but she always had creative search within her soul, so she created her first collection from knitwear and jewellery.

Dristela Handmade Creations

Sofia Dristela


E.T. Collection Creations by Elsa Toli: Elsa Toli, after 18 years of success in the fashion industry, wanted to express herself through the creation of handmade jewelry in order to create jewelry that accentuates female elegance inspired by the sea and the nature framing her life away from the capital.

Elsa Toli


Photo: Patricia Munster

Detail of jewellery

Elissavet Maurogeni: Elissavet Maurogeni by studying architecture and decoration she turned out her hobby into job. From her childhood she designed and made her own clothes, handbags and jewelries and now she creates the beloved handbags with the characteristic bow that the audience has loved, among other accessories.

handbags with bow


Xclusive Elements

Miaou Niaou: Miaou Niaou brand is about to present humorous and subversive jewelry designs whose purpose is to tell their own abstract stories. The source of inspiration for designer Varvara Perraki is the present and memories, shadows and lights, the void and emotions, harmony and contrasts. Classic shapes, full or empty, tied together with stones are just some of the designer's experimentations. Squares knitted with thread tied together with memories of a loom, circles intertwined like our lives, triangles in the colors of our childhood old-fashioned sweaters...

AXDW - accessories

Treis: Three friends with love and passion about fashion and more specifically the shoes and accessories, created a new brand with handmade sandals, scarves, bags and towels that turn into pareo. They are inspired by everything that is colorful, and many prints which have been used are inspired by children's coloring books. They use excellent materials, such as original snake skin in pastel shades, soft suede in various colors and natural skin with animal prints.


Xclusive Elements

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