Fashion Flashes by Taifun

Today at Gerry Weber in Zoetermeer it was all about fashion flashes by Taifun to introduce the spring 2016 collection. A collection all about polka dots, stripes and a diversity of prints, from flower to artistic!

The eye catcher of the new collection is for me this jacket with flower print in the colour coral!

The collection is divided in themes. Like Organic Motive, inspired by the city of San Francisco, with a mystic character and a artistic prints, Party Time with stylish dresses, Gorgeous Grey for a modern and elegant look, Flower Front with flower prints and the colour coral and Tropical Breeze with safari influences and tropical prints.

Audrey presented a glimpse of the spring collection by Taifun.

And Gerry Weber called a trousers after me!

OK, it is not exactly my name...

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