Amsterdam Fashion Week - A glimpse of day 4

The fourth day of the 25th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam started with an impressive show by SUE feat. VJR jewels.

Kelly Sue and VJR jewels brought the audience to silence, for the first time I visited a fashion show where the audience was so quiet. Her statement 'Diversity is the key to unity' is clear. Beauty is everywhere! More in a following post as in this post I only give a glimpse of the shows of yesterday!

After SUE the fashion show of Given was a bit disappointing.

ILKECOP showed creativity and a lot of colours, Merel van Glabbeek presented some interesting masks in a total black collection.
The models of Zyanya Keizer walked on water, Sunandra Chandry Koning showed diversity and I loved the handbags of Les soeurs rouges.

ILKECOP at Fashion Week Amsterdam

Merel van Glabbeek at Fashion Week Amsterdam
Merel van Glabbeek

Merel van Glabbeek

Zyanya Keizer

Sunandra Chandry Koning

Les Soeurs rouges

The last event of today was Elite Model Look 2016, see more in my previous post for the winners!

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