Holograms instead of models @ Future Generation - Amsterdam Fashion Week

After thirty fashion shows the 25th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam presents today the Future Generation. What to expect tomorrow?

'The Next Day' combines virtual reality with fashion for a sustainable future as the fashion industry is the second most polluting industries in the world.

On an annual basis this industry, which seems so glamorous and beautiful,  is accounting for as much as one trillion liters of water, a trillion liters of oil, a billion gallons of chemicals and twenty million tons of waste.

Future Generation would like with its new experience 'The Next Day' to show how it could be, what can we do different and how can we make it sustainable.
The answer to the global problems of the industry is namely in technology.

Today, Monday, the 11th of July,  Future Generation shows how virtual reality will play a revolutionary role in the fashion industry. With a virtual catwalk there are no samples, no material waste, no pollution...
Virtual reality provides the fashion industry a new future, the ability to make a difference. So with the help of computer programs you can design clothes, saving on sampling, materials, time and space.

Through holograms the designs can be experienced. The wearer of the dress decides what the public sees. He or she determines what is shown in the virtual space to the body. So the wearer can choose a beautiful evening dress, but also to project a big beating heart or a political message.

Technology x fashion
Today from 15:00 to 20:00 technology and fashion come together during this life-changing event. A creative and progressive team led by producer Peter Leferink transforms the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam into a unique experience in the future.
In the Gasometer Art Director Amber Slooten presents her virtual collection designed in 3D visuals in black boxes.
In the Transformatorhuis and Westerliefde their are special setups to experience with LED screens and virtual reality rooms.

Tickets are available from fashionweek.nl
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