Jef Montes' Tormenta @ Fashion Week Amsterdam

My expectation of Jef Montes experience during the 25th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam was high. During the previous edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week Jef Montes presented an impressive show with water soluble fabrics, read here more on it!

This time the atmosphere was very different, frightening, scaring. The sound was bringing us in this mood, we had to wear dust masks, the room was protected by plastic as Jef Montes was tormented.

His presentation was called Tormenta, instead of models he used plastic mannequins, wearing items of his collection resolver.

He started by spraying water on his dress, followed by pouring white paint on a dress and finally throwing black gunk...

It was a strange experience, for me nothing to do with the glamour of fashion week but Jef Montes' personal expression of art meeting fashion.

But it was fun to see the audience putting on their dust masks and taking selfies!

Scroll down to see the film of tormented Jef Montes in action!

Jef Montes' Tormenta @ Fashion Week Amsterdam Jef Montes' Tormenta @ Fashion Week Amsterdam Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 10:58:00 AM Rating: 5

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