Amazing cars at Athenian Capitol

Last night the Hellenic Motor Museum opened her doors at Athenian Capitol . Showing the history of wheels by going from the entrance round and round up to the third floor. Starting from 8.000 years B.C. until now.

Going through an impressive piece of architecture, with excalators and steel constructions.

Athenian Capitol is a new shopping mall at the corner of September 3rd street and Ioulianou in the center of Athens. It is called a green project because of its bioclimate with even solar cells at the top of the building providing energy and gathering rain water for irrigation and cleaning.

At the third floor where the entrance is of the museum you will be impressed by the cars the Charagionis group has selected to show, promising that by the end of January 2011 there will be over 100 cars.
With the Flintstones vehicle as most environment friendly car.
But cars by Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dino and so on are most favorite by the guests. And they are happy to pose by them.

So did I with 'my' Lamborghini...

During the opening Linda and her band provided live music and George Davlas gave a guest performance.

If buying a car, like the ones in the museum is out of reach, you can always buy a miniature at the museum shop to live your dream..
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