Fashion under construction

This month there are so many bazaars. It is hard to choose which one to visit. I was nearby at Stavlos, Herakleidon 10, Thissio and had a look at Fashion under construction. Thirty artists are showing their work in the friendly environment of this café. It is until Sunday so if you are nearby, go have a look and maybe you find a nice Christmas present.


Lora 'n Elen Handmade Clothes showed some well made and interesting clothes and bags. You can follow them on facebook:

Lora's & Elen's eXcLuSive cAsual & ChiC weAr

Anna Economou and Elsa Pakopoulou showed some second hand clothing.
Anna has a stand with interesting hand made bags and Elsa we know from her innovating hats and brooches of recycled fabric. (

Anna Ekonomou's bags
Marianna Aretaki, she calls herself as the black sheep in fashion showed her handmade accessories. She is on facebook as monjour workshop marianna aretaki. Her daughter Annoula is also making some creative accessories and bijoux.
Despina Kilakou showed handmade rings made of fabric, wrist bands, brooches and a lot more. If you don't make it until Sunday to visit the bazaar, you can have a look at her website
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  1. You've done an amazing work Patricia!thank you so much for including our work!

  2. Wonderful photographs!!
    Thank you so much for coming to our festival!:)



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