Who is the guide dog (o tyflosourtis) ?

Today not about fashion but about theater. At the premiere of 'O tyflosourtis' at Mikro Pallas Thodoris Atheridis gave an impressive performance of a speaking dog.
The play is about a blind confectioner, performed by Sofia Fillipidou witnessing a crime. Not with her eyes but with her other senses. About a guide dog who is the only one to communicate between him and this confectioner. A dogloving police agent Fotini (Zeta Makrypoulia), an italian security agent (Christos Plaïnis) and a bank employee (Niki Gabriilidou).
If you like to read more (in greek) about the play I recommend the blog http://theaterviewsite.blogspot.com/2010/12/10.html by Despoina Ramadani.
As photographer I will give you an impression of the play in photos. The 'sweet' decor is designed by Manolis Pantelidakis. The costumes by Nikoleta Panagiotou.

It is a police play but with a good laugh.

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