Elves wearing greek fashion designs

The Athens Metro Mall at Agios Dimitrios metro station was already decorated with Christmas trees and Snowmen but now also the elves arrived.
The elves are flying around in designs by 15 greek fashion designers among a lot of presents.

At the main entrance of the shopping centre each fashion designer is photographed by George Mestousis with his or her design together with a small biography. 
Each elf has a number so you can find out to whom it belongs. Just some random designs.
Katerina Alexandraki          -          Christoforos Kotentos          -          Elena Vorrea          -          Vasilis Barbarigos
Participating designers are Daphne Valente, Christos Costarellos, Erifilli, Elena Vorrea, Christoforos Kotentos, Laskaris, Vasia Tzortzopoulou, DYFO, Deux Hommes, Lakis Gavalas, Smaragdi, Katerina Alexandraki, Celebrity Skin, Lukas Alifragis and Vasilis Barbarigos. 
To see all the photos of the designer cards, visit Alecca Rox.
The engine behind this inspiring project is Andreas Mantas.
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