Animal prints - winter 2010-2011

Almost every shop you visit you will find something of an animal print. One shop I saw with their windows covered with animal prints.
Look around and someone is wearing something with an animal print, a shawl, a blouse, a coat or shoes...
So also I was catching this trend with my camera.
Some photos of the last months in Athens...

Looking at the collections fall/winter 2010/2011 of the greek designers I noticed that only a few designers caught the trend.
Of one designer I didn't expect him to have animal prints but he has and he translated it in a way that suits his clientele. Miltos

Also Dionisis Chalikias for Sense_Nu had a print..

But the greek designers who catched the trend in the most impressive way are Grigoris Triantafyllou and Dimitris Alexakis for DEUX HOMMES.
And the models wear shoes with animal prints...

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