TR2 The synergies with Katerina Misichroni

Yesterday evening at the historic library of Spyros Loverdos (Βιβλιόθηκη Σπύρου Λοβέρδου) in Kifisia (a suburb of Athens) Georgios Carabellas presented TR2 The Synergies No. 3 with Katerina Misichroni.

It was a prive performance titled Ex Libris, Georgios Carabellas is creating a positive aura of this era, he captures the idea and concept and brings together the most unique creative minds.

Georgios Carabellas

Actress Katerina Misichroni did the interpretation of the text by Irene Sourgiadaki, directed by Yiannis Skourletis and lightning by Vladimir Subotic. Deux Hommes designed the costume and all iconic objects were by of TR2 in the role of props.

Guests went from the hall to a part of the impressive library and to the performance by Katerina Misichroni.


Katerina Misichroni will awaken from a sleep of centuries without recognizing either the environment or herself. She looks for fragments of memory in books, paintings, in a song in order something will reminds her. She believes she is the heroine of a novel.She invites the author who created her and wants to know what is next in her history. She will not get a response. So she writes herself the next chapter and by doing so she puts one more step towards eternity.

Dimitris Alexakis, Giannis Skourletis, Irene Sourgiadaki,
Georgios Carabellas, Katerina Misichroni and Grigoris Triantafyllou
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