The first Smile Concert at Olympic Stadion

Yesterday evening at the Olympic Stadion in Athens there was a concert for the charity foundation 'A smile for a Child ( as I announced in a previous post.

Artists like Despoina Vandi, Elli Kokkinou, Nino, Goin'Through, Kostas Martakis, Ivi Adamou, Nevma, Elisabet Spanou and Tus performed and the guests all left with a smile and created with their ticket also a smile for a child in need!

As promised in my previous post about Despoina Vandi and Elli Kokkinou, here some more photos!

Despoina Vandi, Kostas Martakis, Nikos Pavlidis of Nevma, Nino, Nikos Vourliotis of Goin' Through and Elli Kokkinou
Christos Ferentinos and Despoina Kampouri opened the evening with telling us about the good cause.
Tus and Antigoni Psihrami (in a dress by AngelEye)

Ivi Adamou
Kostas Martakis

Nikos Pavlidis of Nevma

Nikos Vourliotis of Goin' Through and Elisabet Spanou (in a dress by Vassilios Kostetsos)


Elli Kokkinou and Despoina Vandi
A big thank you to all the artists to entertain us for a good cause! To all the sponsors and volunteers to make this event happen. And as Despoina Vandi told us it is the first of a new tradition!
So don't miss the next Smile Concert!
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