Loukia's Book presentation at Ianos

Monday morning at bookstore Ianos Mia Kollia presented the biography of fashion designer Loukia: Life - Fashion - Art. Not only Mia Kollia and Mrs. Loukia took part at the panel. Also actress and good friend Katia Dandoulaki, director Theodoros Terzopoulos and journalist Maria Choukli were full of kind words on the designer herself and the great work Mia Kollia did.

Katia Dandoulaki

Mia Kollia

Theodoros Terzopoulos


Among the guests were Nikolas Georgiou and Vicky Kaya

Theodoros Terzopoulos, Mia Kollia, Loukia, Katia Dandoulaki, Maria Choukli

Vangelis Kyris (photographer of the cover of the biography), Vicky Kaya, Mia Kollia and MUA Achilleas Charitos
Loukia did also the book signing. My friends Tasos of Posh Fashion and Oliana of Starbags let their own book be signed by this legendary fashion designer.
Loukia is signing the book of Oliana of Starbags

Loukia and Tasos of Posh Fashion

And the words of Loukia is his copy

And Tasos immediately had a look at his book

Loved the way they were dressed!

Everybody received a marker and

a piece of chocolate of Fresh

Can't wait to read my own copy!
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