Art & Fashion 4 Life @ Theoxenia Palace

Yesterday evening at Theoxenia Palace in Kifisia, a suburb of Athens, Lions Club Athinon Politia and the volunteers graduates of British universities organized an Art & Fashion 4 Life Magical Night to raise funds for the Hellenic Cancer Society and Greek Action in Africa.

Fifteen artists, Gournaropoulos, Fasianos, Vordoni, Charos, Samios, Moraitidis, Tsatsos, Davlos, Mitsotakis, Stathopoulos, Papanelopoulos, Cheirdaris, Kevorkian, Xifara and Champidis, presented their works.

The presentators of the evening with Eleni Petroulaki

Fashion designers Vlassis Holevas, Celia Dragouni and Vera Kalogeropoulou presented their collections as a "Tableau Vivant" in front of these artworks.

Designs by Vlassis Holevas

Design by Vlassis Holevas

Anna and Vlassis Holevas

Celia D

Emine Gesir in a wedding gown by Vera Kalogeropoulou

Vera Kalogeropoulou and Effie Vraka

Jewellery by Alexandra Couba, hair accessories by Evita Peroni and handbags by Queen Calliope.

Nikki Ermi with a hair accessory by Evita Peroni

Queen Calliope with her handbags

And jewellery by Alexandra Couba

And a party without drinks...
Stoli Vodka is one of the sponsors.
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