New Designers Awards @ 11th AXDW

The second day of the 11th Athens Xclusive Designers Week at Ethniki Asfalistiki Conference Center in Athens was all about new talent.

Twelve new fashion designers competed for the awards of Best Catwalk, Best Trendsetter and Best New Designer.

The participants are Streetgear, Maria Tagalou, Odysseas Papadogiorgakis, Sisi Aretaki, H-era, Nektarios Elias Mertios, Stylianos, F.A.K.E., Lila Nova, Maraveya, E.L.R. by Irene Lytra and Nassos Ntotsikas.
A first look...
Maria Tagalou
Odyseas Papadogiorgakis
Sisi Aretaki
Nektarios Elias Mertios
F.A.K.E. by
Lila Nova
E.L.R. by Irene Lytra
Nassos Ntotsikas
And now the results!
The Best Catwalk Award received H-era.

 The Best Trendsetter Award by Nassos Ntotsikas

And the Best New Designer Award received Lila Nova.

Nadia Boulé, Lila Nova and Katerina Gouma of Underground

Beside the award Lila Nova's collection will be produced by Underground as capsule collections and will be available in their shop at Skoufa 35 in Kolonaki (see my review of my last visit to Underground by clicking here).

The award winners with Tonia Fouseki and Nadia Boulé
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