Styling seminar Fashion Talks @ Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya part 2

Saturday at Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya in the center of Athens was the second part of the styling seminar Fashion Talks: The truth behind a styling career by masters and experts of the fashion world.

The second seminar was about working as consultant in a fashion house.
Part of the panel were:
Stylist Nikolas Georgiou and fashion director of Votre Beauté.
Stylist Dada Ioannidou
Fashion designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades,
Fashion designer Orsalia Parthenis,
Make up artist Alexandra Spiridopoulou and National Τraining Μanager for MAC,
Production Designer Jonas Lehec,
Fashion consultant Maria Flora Papanagiotou,
and Journalist Mia Kollia.

Just a few words on this seminar not aiming to give a summary of the fashion talks of this session.
The main task of a styling consultant is to be a kind of mirror for the designer of a fashion house. Giving advise, informing about the international trends, looks and forecasting in the fashion industry at the start of a collection, following by keeping the designer on track. Is the identity of the new look created by the designer a reflection of the image we have of the fashion house. A new collection must be recognizable for the fashion house but also renewing with a fresh air.
But a stylist will never intervene in the collection, the final concept is always by the designer himself. A designer will listen to the stylist but it doesn't mean he will follow up the advise blindly.

As a styling consultant you will probably not only work for one fashion house so you really have to understand what the identity is from the designer. Besides consults on the collection a stylist plays a main part in organizing a fashion show. The aim of a stylist at a fashion show is to accentuate the style and image of the fashion house but not predominate by choice of accessories, shoes or any other props. As well as a make up artist or a production designer must do.

Seeing a fashion show the complete picture must be about the collection, not about the styling, the make up or the decoration, but a total look!

The next session is on Saturday the 10th of March at 2 o'clock: Working as stylist in the trade.

Styling seminar Fashion Talks @ Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya part 2 Styling seminar Fashion Talks @ Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya part 2 Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 4:39:00 AM Rating: 5

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