360 New Concept Bazaar - A photo review

This afternoon I visited the 360 New Concept Bazaar in a loft at Peiraios 123, the entrance is from the street Evrystheos. Katerina Alexandraki organized it by inviting fashion designers like Aslanis, Nikos Takis, Panos Apergis, Smaragdi and Vassilis Zoulias and new designers like Ioanna Kourbela, Evangelia Boubouli and Lia Manjorou.
But is was not only about fashion, the concept contains jewellery, accessories, furniture, photography, fresh herbs and delicious sweets, liqueur and even hotdogs! On decks Katerina invited several DJ's so every time of the day you will be hearing their favorite music. The bazaar is also open on Saturday and Sunday so don't miss it! For more information visit the facebook page

Here my photo review

Smaragdi herself with one of her designs




Nikos Takis and Aslanis
Vassilis Zoulias

Lia Manjorou with her designs

Lia Manjorou's new line

Panos Apergis

Panos Apergis

Euangelia Boubouli with her designs

By Euvangelia Boubouli

By Whitebox

Asimina Brouzou with her line Assimismata

By Asimina Brouzou

 And now the food
The hotdogs!

muffins 'n' more by Foteini Mangana

By Stella Enjoy

By Stella Enjoy

By Delish Bakeshop and some delicious muffins!
Fresh herbs and flowers are also for sale at this New Concept Bazaar!
And music!

Katerina Alexandraki and Donnatella Adamou
There were so many stands so I couln't take photos of everything so go and have a look by yourself. It is only this Saturday and Sunday from noon until 22.00 p.m.
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